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Build. Play. Learn

Dive into the world of Robotics and AI!

A gamified approach to learning next-gen technology skills and creating future innovators.

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Learn While You Play

RoboOrbit'S uses a one-of-its-kind teaching methodology - PITLES - designed after months of research by our child psychologists, which ensures that children from all walks of life are delivered maximum learning outcomes while staying motivated and continuously engaged.

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Learn Much More

The program is conducted one-on-one with rigorously trained teachers, the child gets a kit of their own, and is designed keeping learning outcomes in mind. RoboOrbit'S goes beyond teaching and nurtures the necessary 21st-century skills in children.











Robotics Foundation

12 seassions


AI and ML Robotics

12 seassions


self-driving Robots

6 seassions


Circuits and Signal System

8 seassions


Robotics Control Systems

4 seassions


Functional Robotics

8 seassions


Internet of Things

16 seassions


Robotics Manipulation

10 seassions


Kinamatics and Humanoids

18 seassions


bio-inspired Robotics

16 seassions


All Terrain Robots

10 seassions


Real-World Diy-ing

30 seassions


It's Beyond Just Robotics & AI

Completely Hands-On

Real-World Inspired

Immersive and Engaging

Incites Problem Solving

Inspires Technology Leadership

Nurtures Collaborativeness

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Because Theres So Much to Build

Just Hear Him Out!

Robotics and Other Combinations Will Make The World Pretty Fantastic Compared With Today

~ Bill Gates ~

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where all the answers to your questions are.

What is RoboOrbit'S all about?

It's about preparing children for solving real-world technological challenges at large, which is achieved by delivering the required knowledge step-by-step via different courses and modules, in manners that keep children engaged, motivated, and aligned with the larger goal at all times. RoboOrbit'S is structured to transform a child's curiosity into a hunger for knowledge, and then leverage it to equip them with the right problem-solving skills for a technology-ruled future. And it's not just about Robotics, RoboOrbit'S covers a plethora of emerging technologies like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Automations, and everything that keeps technology at the forefront of human evolution.

Who is behind RoboOrbit'S?

While the child's curiosity, engagement, and learning outcomes are at the forefront of everything we do at RoboOrbit'S, the other side of the table is full of experienced teachers, technology veterans, inventors, and people who have created robots and technologies and built multi-million-dollar businesses out of them. Our parent organisation, BrightOrbit'S has been changing lives by teaching coding to thousands of children across the globe and is a market leader in many. And having made its mark already, the multi-million dollar giant is here with an all-new completely hands-on program to bring coding to life! The latest program, RoboOrbit'S, is developed by people who have spent their lives developing a range of robotics kits and toys, applications to teach coding and wirelessly communicate with robots, etc. for children. And these folks want to deliver their life's experiences to children to inspire them and guide them towards a better future in a technologically ruled era.

Who can enrol with RoboOrbit'S?

Anyone with a laptop with an internet connection and an itch to build groundbreaking technological marvels for humanity and beyond! Technically speaking, 1 laptop, 1 laptop camera/ webcam, a decent internet connection, and 1 curious future scientist with 1 Ampere of curiosity current and a high-voltage enthusiasm with 0 resistance to experiments!

What kits will the child receive for the program, and do I have to pay extra?

The kind that makes them feel awesome - a cute playful robot buddy, a carefully picked selection of electronic and mechanical components, and everything else that is required to make the super-awesome innovations the child would be required to make during the program. The kits are designed to be good friends with the child, you can make them walk, talk, sing, dance, or whatever that the child wants a friend of theirs to do! On a side note, they are specially designed keeping age and learning requirements in mind, and are easy to use and maintain. In short, it's magic in a box, and you won't have to spend an additional penny during the program!

Why should I enrol my child with RoboOrbit'S?

Because your child is curious, and the world is full of boring ways to demotivate them about whatever they wish to learn. We are challenging that, changing that, with our unique one-on-one live learning program built around Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and every other emerging technology of the era. Because you want them to play and have fun in manners that benefit their future, and what could be better than a completely hands-on program that lets them do all this from the comfort of their homes. Because, why wouldn't you want to give your child this amazing experience, when trying it out is absolutely FREE?

Is it difficult to learn Robotics and AI via live-learning-programs?

Not at all! All you have to do is bring your kits to the one-on-one live learning sessions, and our superstar teachers will take care of the rest. The teachers guide children step-by-step, through the concepts and the projects and everything awesome in a personalised tailor-made fashion, while the children explore and play and learn with their new creations! And we don't like to call it a live-learning-program, it's more of a “having fun making-playing-exploring with new-age stuff live” program :D

Is it important to learn coding before starting Robotics?

Yes, but the RoboOrbit'S program has it all! Coding is important, but isn't a prerequisite for the program, as the courses are designed in a way that students will be learning coding fundamentals hand-in-hand with Robotics, AI, and everything else!

Is Robotics difficult for children to understand?

Of course, but not with RoboOrbit'S! When taught like a complex scientific and mathematical theory, it is boring and very difficult for children. But RoboOrbit'S has a unique approach that ensures that the child has fun learning these seemingly scary technological concepts with ease. With our playful tailor-made one-on-one live hands-on program, anyone Grade 3 and above can tame these technological monstrosities at RoboOrbit'S!

Will Robotics improve my child's performance at school?

Definitely! The problem-solving approach, the technology and the scientific aptitude children develop during the program make them grasp theoretical STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) concepts easily and in manners that keep the learning with them for longer. And it is proven to positively impact the academic performance of children.

How do we schedule the sessions and what if my child misses a few?

Whatever way you prefer to! The program schedule is very flexible and personalised. Each student, once enrolled, will have access to a personal dashboard where they can book any available slots of the teachers in advance as per their preference. When children miss their sessions, we miss them more! So much so, that we'll invite you to reschedule the missed session via the student dashboard and never let you compromise on learning!